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Students and Visitors

What is Prom Fayre?
Prom Fayre is a part of My School Proms Ltd.  We organise exhibitions or fayres across the country.
A Prom Fayre brings suppliers of School Prom products and services to the Prom users, which includes students, teachers, parents and prom committees.

How popular are School Proms?
The popularity of school proms within secondary schools has increased tremendously over the last 10 years. It’s estimated that up to 90% of UK secondary schools now participate in school proms

I am a student in year 11, having my prom next year. What can I expect at the prom Fayre?
We have everything that you need from prom dresses and make-up to Limos and much more. Come and see the new lines that most students your age will be wearing next year.

I am a boy who will be attending my Prom next year. Is a Prom not just for girls?
Definitely not!  School proms are for boys as much as girls. Come and discover more at the show.

What Time Is the Fashion show?
This will vary from Show to Show.  It will usually be about 3 pm.

What time are the Raffle Winners Announced?
Raffle winners will be announced at 4pm

How many people can one person bring?
You can bring as many people as you like. Please register each person’s details on our website, in order to get an e-ticket emailed to you

Do we need a ticket to come to the fair?
Yes, you do need a ticket.  Please register for a free e - ticket on the website

Is the Prom Fayre Free?
Yes, the Prom Fayre is free to all.  Please ensure that you register online and bring the e-ticket with you.

What Sort of Exhibitors will be there?
Exhibitors at the Prom Fayre will range from DJs, Musicians, Prom dresses, Suit Hire Company to Florists and many more

Will I be able to buy products and services on the day?
Many suppliers of Prom products and services are coming to the show to sell as well as show them to prom users their new line for the next seasons to buyers. You will be able to pick lots of products at discounted prices.

Is There an Age Limit?
There is no age limit, on the day, there will be many activities happening which will be of interests to both young children and adults.  Children under 13 years of age will only be admitted if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can I get there by public transport?
Yes, please check and download our leaflet about the Prom Show which will have all the details of the local buses and the nearest Underground and Railway station

Can we buy a Prom Dress or any other products?
Yes. Many Stands will sell everything you will ever need for your perfect prom. From elegant prom dresses to Tiaras, make up, shoes and many more.

When will the prom Fayre take place?
Prom Fayre is organised by MyschoolProms.co.uk, one of the largest prom communities online in the UK.  The events will be held across the UK, so you need to check on our website where the next event will be held

Is the event Suitable for families and small children?
The Prom Fayre is suitable for all ages, from children and parents to grandmother. For Health and Safety reasons, we will not allow entry to anyone under the age of 13, unless accompanied by an adult

Will there be provision for disabled visitors?
The event is organised at schools and Colleges and there are provisions for disabled visitors.  All buildings are easily accessible as well as toilets.

 I don’t have a ticket; will I be allowed to attend?
You need a ticket to guarantee entry to the show.  Due to Health & Safety regulations, venues can only permit certain numbers of visitors at one time.  So there may be queues at the door.  Please visit the website and register for an e-ticket.  Priority will be given to those with e-tickets.

 Is there parking at the venue?
Some venues will have parking facilities for visitors.  Please check leaflet about the event  for details of where to park

What happens if I win a raffle prize but have left the show early?
You need to wait till the raffle is announced before leaving.  If you leave before the announcement is made, you will not get any prize, it will go to someone else who is present at the time when the raffle is announced

If I win the dress and it’s not in my size, can it be changed?
If we do not have your size in that dress then we will give you an alternative dress

What other prizes do you have for the Raffle tickets?
There are lots of prizes to be won on the day. From prom dress for the girls to Suit for the boys, Tiaras, Ties, Shoes, Handbags and many more.

How much will the raffles tickets cost?
Please check leaflet for details. There will be two categories of raffle on the day – Raffle A - for prom dress and suit and raffle B for prizes ranges from Tiaras, shoes, handbags, Ties and many more


How do I book a Stand at the Prom Fayre?
To exhibit at the Prom Fayre, you need to complete our booking form with detailed descriptions of what you would like to exhibit at the Show.  Booking Forms can be downloaded from our website.

What time do we have to be there?
Exhibitors will be given two hours setting up time. So, if the Show starts at 12pm, then you need to be at the location by 10 to set up your stand, and everything must be ready 20 minutes prior to the show being open to the public.

How Much does it cost? Is it expensive to exhibit?
No, exhibiting at Prom Show is not expensive at all .The cost of exhibiting varies depending on the space required.  The rates start from as little as £100 for the whole day. Please note that this rate does not include VAT

Do we have to bring our own table/Stands?
Yes, you can bring your own stand. We will need to talk to you about this. We can provide a trestle table for you at the event and if you need more than one table, then you need to indicate this on a booking form as there will be an additional small fees to pay.

Is there parking?
Yes, we will ensure that there are facilities for all the Exhibitors to off load and load their products. Each Exhibitor will be supplied with a Parking badge by the organisers of the Prom Show

What size are the stands?
Please see booking form for details

Will I have electricity for my laptop and lighting?
Yes, an electricity point will be provided for all the indoors exhibitors.  Please read the terms and conditions regarding health and Safety.

How many people would you hope to visit on the day?
Our extensive advertising strategy uses local papers, leaflets and modern social media techniques.  This results in several hundred keen focused visitors.

How much time do we have to organise and set up out stands?
As already stated above, exhibitors have up to 2 hours to set up, dress and organise their stand.

Can I sell some of my products on my stand on that day?
Yes, you can sell your product on your stand to visitors as well as display your marketing and advertising materials.  You can also take bookings.

Would there be food & drink available on that day?
Yes, food and drinks will be available all day at the show.

Do you take a registration list during your events?
List of all the people who have registered for the show is taken and can be passed to the exhibitors at their request.

Will there be a fashion show?
The fashion Show will take place at 3pm. If you have new products/Services and would like this to be featured at the event, then please notify us as soon as possible.

Will there be an opportunity to network with other businesses who exhibit at the show?
Yes, there will be ample opportunity on the day.  We also arrange a Business Club specifically for this purpose.

Will you list me as an exhibitor on your website?
Yes, your logo will be listed with other Exhibitors and visitors to the website will be able to click directly to your website and see your services and products.

I do not want to Exhibit at the Prom Fayre.  What other options are available to me?
There are three other options which are available to those who are not able to exhibit at the Prom Show

  • You can choose from the following;
    Advertise in the Prom Fayre Programme – This will be given to all the visitors 
    Marketing/Advertising Materials Inserts – Included in the Goodie bags, given to all visitors
    Marketing Board – people who are interested in your service pin their business cards on the board and details are sent to Registered Suppliers after the show.

    How do I make a complaint?
                You can send email to customerservices@myschoolproms.co.uk

If you would like to exhibit, advertise or have your marketing materials in goodie bags, contact on 0845 505 1966 or Email: info@promfayre.net



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