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   Term of use of website


Welcome to the User Agreement for Prom Fayre. Prom Fayre is part of Myschool Proms Ltd. This agreement describes the terms on which you may access and use our services. In order to become a Prom Fayre,, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement and the Privacy Policy. In the event of any inconsistency between the Prom Fayre, Privacy Policy and this Terms of Use Agreement, the Terms of Use Agreement shall control. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, you may not use nor access our services. We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on this website. Your continued use of the Prom Fayre, service indicates your acceptance of the Terms of Use Agreement.


In this terms and conditions, “us” “our” or “we” is a direct reference to Myschool Proms Ltd, which owns Prom Fayre,. References to “our website” “website” all refers to Myschool Proms Ltd and all the companies that it owns “you” refer to Schools, Students (former and current students), proms committee, teachers, school representative, parents, caregiver and advertisers. By accessing our website you have agree to the terms and conditions set out herein and you accept the terms of privacy policy.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions in this website then please leave immediately, by accessing and using our website you agree not to violate any laws, post any threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent or obscene materials nor infringe the rights of a third party. Distribute spams, viruses or any other technologies that may be harmful to Myschool Proms ltd and its subsidiaries or the interests of users on our website.
You agree not to copy, distribute or modify any other person’s content without their permission nor will you collect e-mails or other information without their prior consent. Persons found violating these terms will be blacklisted and all access to the website will be denied permanently.
You agree not to use any robot spiders, scraper or other automated means to gain access to profiles of students, former and currents and contact or send inappropriate material, photos or texts. Only person age 13 years old or over may register for free ticket for our Prom events.
You agree that any disputes or claim made against Myschool Proms Ltd and subsidiaries will be resolved in the court of England and Wales. If you believe that any material found on our website infringes your copyright, you may request for them to be removed from our website. This must be done in writing, please provide the name of copyright holder.


  Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors


In this Term of Agreement, “Organisers” shall mean “Myschool Proms, Prom Fayre” The term “Exhibitor” shall include all agents, representative and owner of the business, the term “Exhibition” shall refer to “Prom Fayre Show as shown on the booking form.
Booking and Allocation of Space

  1. In order to exhibit your products or services at one of the Prom Fayre, the application form must be completed and returned to Myschool Proms Ltd, the organiser of the Prom Fayre. Subject to the availability of space, Myschool Proms Ltd will confirm the booking and you will receive the confirmation of allocation of space and invoice for the payment. No space may be considered as final allocation unless payment is made in advance.
  2. Myschool Proms ltd reserves the rights to accept or refuse any application without giving any reasons for refusal.
  3. Once a space has been allocated to an exhibitor, he may not assigned, sublet or grant licence to a third parties without the express permission from Myschool Proms Ltd

Rates for Exhibiting

  1. The rate for exhibiting at the show is listed in the schedule titled “Exhibiting Rates”. All rates listed excludes VAT

Payment and conduct

  1. Payment for Exhibiting at the Prom Fayre shall be made payable to Myschool Proms Ltd. By submitting a booking form for the allocation of space at the Prom Show, you are agreeing to form a binding contract between yourself and Myschool Proms Ltd. Payment for booking shall be made within 7 working days of the invoice date. Payment may be made in the following methods; Bank Transfer, Online Payment or Cheque.
  2. Myschool Proms Ltd shall refund 50% of monies paid by Exhibitors in case of cancellation received up to 30 days prior to the Prom Fayre taking place. No refund will be given to the Exhibitions would cancelled within 4 weeks (28 days) of the event taking place. Any outstanding invoices must be made payable to Myschool Proms Ltd in full.
  3. All payments must be made within the required time as stated on the booking form. In the event that the exhibitor had failed to make full payment of space allocated to them on the due date. Myschool Proms Ltd shall without prejudice reserve the rights to sell or allocate the space reserved to another Exhibitor.
  4. Where Exhibitors had paid by cheque and in the event that the cheque (s) is returned back to the Exhibitor, Myschool Prom Ltd reserved the rights to pass any bank charges incurred to the Exhibitor and he/she will be responsible for these payments.
  5. Where Exhibitors has paid for allocated space and had failed to occupy the space after an hour of the start of the exhibition. Myschool Proms Ltd reserves the right to relocate the space to another Exhibitor. No refund will be paid to the exhibitors who failed to occupied the allocated spaces after one hour after commence of the show.
  6. Exhibitors have a maximum of two hours in which they must fully address their stand prior to the Show commencing.
  7. Exhibitors may not under any circumstances dismantle, packed up in part or in full before the advertised closing time of the Prom Fayre. All stands must be cleared within one hour 30 minutes after the advertised closing time of the show. Exhibitors must ensure that they remove all their products, materials and rubbish at the close of the Exhibition. No products, materials, stands, rubbish may be left on the premise after the close of the show.
  8. Goodie bags inserts, leaflets, flyers and other promotional materials must be received 10 working days prior to the Exhibition date, unless by express agreement between the exhibitors and Myschool Proms Ltd. Only those exhibiting at the Fayre will have their marketing materials inserted for free in the Goodie bags, those not exhibiting must make full payment in order for the advertising materials to be inserted in the Goodie bags.
  9. Exhibitors must submit their business details to be entered into the Prom Fayre Programme within 14 working days prior to the Exhibition date. Materials which are sent less than 14 days prior to the exhibition date will not be entered into the programme.
  10. Each stand can have up to a maximum of 3 people. Exhibitors wishing to have more than 3 persons at their stand must contact Myschool Proms Ltd for express agreement to such arrangement. Myschool Proms limited reserves the right to refuse entry to additional people at the stand.
  11. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted at the stand without prior permission of the organisers, nor can person under the age of 18 be allocated their own stand as an Exhibitor.
  12. Myschool Proms Ltd organises Prom Fayre in mainly schools and colleges, exhibitors may not bring alcohol for personal consumption or for sale at such venues without prior express arrangements between the exhibitors and Myschool Proms Ltd.
  13. Exhibitors are prohibited from displaying any products or marketing materials on their stand that are not suitable for children under the age of 18 years at any of Myschool Proms Ltd Prom Fayres.
  14. Myschool Proms Ltd does not provide electrical facilities at the Exhibition. Where electricity is required by the Exhibitor for the show, this must be indicated expressly on the form. Exhibitor who uses own electrical equipment during the exhibition. Exhibitor must ensure that all necessary equipment have the right Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificate and ensure that any loose cables are covered
  15. Exhibitors shall only promote and display their products or services which is detail on the booking form, any other products or services that are not stated on the booking form, may only be displayed or promoted at the Prom Fayre with express agreement with Myschool Proms Ltd. Myschool Proms Ltd reserves the right to remove any advertising/marketing materials of products not listed on the booking form.
  16. Exhibitor may distribute their advertising materials, leaflets, flyers from their own stand. Such materials must not be distributed at the entrance of the exhibition or in the neighbourhood which will cause disturbances and annoyance to the local residents in the area. Business must only be conducted at the Exhibitor’s stand. No exhibitors may have microphone or any other such equipment at their stand. (DJ’s will be allocated a different area from the main hall)

Health and Safety

  1. Exhibitors are reminded to their duties and responsibilities as employer under the Health and Safety Act 1974 2(1) (2), their presence at the Exhibition does not reduce the duties imposed by the statutory regardless whether the employer is in their own office or at a Prom Fayre. Exhibitors observe all fire and safety regulations. All incidents must be reported immediately to Myschool Proms Ltd, Event Manager so can record of the accident can be recorded in the Accident Book.
  2. Venues that Myschool Proms Ltd organises its event all has “No Smoking” policy which must be observed by all Exhibitors, their agents and employees at their stand.
  3. Myschool Proms Ltd will not be responsible for the safety of any property owned by or brought by the Exhibitor to the Prom Fayre or any other third parties on the behalf of the Exhibitor, nor will Myschool Proms Ltd be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to such property. Myschool Proms Ltd shall not be liable for any loss sustained or incurred by the Exhibitor, if for reasons the Exhibition is cancelled or postponed. The Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own Public Liability Insurance.
  4. The responsibility of any liability for any acts or omissions is accepted by the Exhibitors, his agents, contractors and visitors that it shall indemnify organisers of the Prom Fayre and keep them indemnified against all liability in respect of and against all actions, suits, legal proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses in whatsoever, which may be taken or made against the organisers (Myschool Proms Ltd)
  5. Myschool Proms Ltd shall not make any assurance or guarantee of any kind, nor does it give, invoke or implied on the parts of any products, goods, services sold at the Prom Show. It’s the responsibilities of the buyers to ensure that what they are buying with the exhibitor

Entry to the Exhibition

  1. Myschool Proms Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at the event without giving any reason
  2. All children under the age of 13 year of age will not be allowed entry unless accompany by an adult

Cancellation of Prom Fayre by Myschool Proms Ltd

  • Myschool Proms Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking (even after accepting booking form and allocations of a space) at any time prior to the Prom Fayre taking place, if Exhibitors has breached Myschool Proms Ltd term of contract. Where the Exhibitor has stopped operating its business or where threats has been used to the organisers of the Prom Fayre.
  • In an event that the Prom Fayre is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, Myschool Proms Ltd will notify all exhibitors as soon as possible and a new date will be arranged.
  • The Exhibitor will have not have claim for damages against the Organisers, the venue owners for any loss or damage where the Prom Fayre has been cancelled, postponed, prevented as a result of the Exhibition/Prom Fayre Venue becoming partially or wholly unavailable for the organisers to hold the Prom Fayre. In an event that this should occurred, the Organiser will contact the Exhibitor as soon as possible with a new venue and date
  • The Organisers of Prom Fayre and Myschool Proms Ltd, reserves the right to make any changes, amendments to this terms and condition without notify the Exhibitors prior to the changes.


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